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Discover our range of products.
Acoustic absorbent and decorative interior wood coatings.

Interior coverings

We present our collection of acoustic and decorative wooden panels for walls and ceilings, ideal for creating spaces with style and comfort.

Design, quality and service in sound-absorbing decorative panels for ceilings and walls.

Product families

We divide our products into two major groups.

Acoustic Coatings

Metrowall Acoustic interior panelling is the technical and decorative solution for your projects.

Our panels act as acoustic absorbers, reducing ambient noise levels and reverberation and creating more comfortable spaces. This property of the material is achieved with our panel perforation technology, which is available in various models.

They provide a decorative finish that brings a touch of design to your spaces, protection for walls and ceilings, and the possibility of including installations. * Products with Acoustic Certification.

Introducing our diverse range of panel models with various perforation types. Models: Lines, Dots, and two new additions for 2024: Strips on Wood, Strips on PET, and Micro.

Decorative Coatings

Metrowall Decor interior panelling is a decorative solution for your projects.

It provides a decorative finish that brings design and warmth to your spaces.

The panels protect walls and ceilings, and enable lighting, sound, security and air conditioning installations to be included while remaining hidden from view.

With our decorative wood panels you can complement Metrowall Acoustic projects in areas that do not have acoustic requirements.

Outstanding features


Design and style

The panels give spaces elegance and decorative quality.

Resistant materials

They are made with resistant materials that are easy to maintain and clean.


We offer an extensive collection of designs and finishes, which can be combined to taste.

Easy installation

Simple, fast and clean. Suitable for new buildings and refurbishment projects.

Modular system

Metrowall is designed as a modular panelling system for applications in both walls and ceilings.


Large-format panels that are installed as, covering for walls and partitions.

The panels can be installed vertically or horizontally on walls.

All the models can be combined with each other, and can meet the needs of different projects in the most optimal way, by combining models and acoustic and decorative alternatives.


Panels in various formats for installation as false ceilings.

Installation in ceilings is carried out on a reticulated structure, and adapted to the format of the panels.

All our ceilings are accessible. They can hide installations, including lighting, sound and security systems, while simultaneously giving the spaces a decorative finish.


All our sound-absorbing and decorative interior panelling is made of wood and its by-products.

Both the visual appearance of the panels and their perception to the touch is important to us in all our projects.

The perception of spaces involves a multisensory experience involving the materials present.

Product composition

  • MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) in brown colour
  • MDF board (Medium Density Fibreboard) tinted in black colour in bulk

Surface finish
  • Melamine
  • Natural wood veneer

Designs and textures

  • We have a wide collection of designs and textures that can be combined with each other.

Natural wood veneer
  • We manufacture using any of the wood veneers on the market.
  • We apply oil to protect the surface. We do not use chemical varnishes.
  • We offer the option of a brossé-type textured finish, in which the wood’s natural texture stands out.

Download our catalogue and ask us about the possibilities of customising our products and adapting them to your projects.