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About us

We are Metrowall
Design, quality and service in acoustic and decorative solutions in wood.

We are a family business dedicated to the wood industry for four generations.

Metrowall was born as a brand and as a range of products more than 15 years ago, as a result of the sum of our experience in the wood sector and our passion for the world of architecture and interior design.

With Metrowall, we decided to move beyond industrial production and to develop acoustic and decorative solutions in wood involving a wide range of interior wall and ceiling panelling suitable for all types of projects.

Discover our innovative proposals full of inspiration.


We work with the architecture, interior design, contract, and retail sectors, creating solutions in wood that add value to projects in both the technical and decorative aspects.

We provide tools for architects, interior designers, project managers and professionals in the field, offering solutions that suit all types of projects: new construction, large-scale restoration, refurbishment, and all kinds of spaces and uses culture and leisure, education, work, commerce, health, and rest.


We solve acoustic conditioning problems and help to create pleasant, friendly and liveable spaces using interior wood panelling.

We are committed to high-quality local manufacturing with a view to distributing our products on a global scale.

Our progress is based on a method of continuous improvement.

We aim to lead innovation in interior wood panelling.


We offer versatile and modern solutions and materials, which combine technical and aesthetic appeal, while enabling our products to be easily applied.

We use materials with the best quality guarantees, which are easy to maintain and long-lasting.

We support our clients, guiding them and offering them the best solutions to adapt to the needs of each project.

We manufacture locally and use local resources, which are always certified materials that guarantee the long life of our products. Wood and its by-products are our main product.

We maintain a spirit of constant innovation, and make progress based on a method of continuous improvement.