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Metrowall Decor

Decorative interior cladding.
Create spaces full of warmth and design.

Elegance and comfort

Metrowall panels are conceived and designed to cover multiple types of spaces, uses and needs.

The Metrowall Decor range is designed to provide decorative solutions to projects. The installation of our panels provides a high quality decorative finish and protection to walls and ceilings. It is also a complementary range that can be combined with Metrowall Acoustic products.

Below we present our different models of decorative panels.

Metrowall Decor

LINES models

LINES models are longitudinally grooved panels, with different joint thicknesses and joint spacings depending on the specific model.


Wall panels: 318×2.770mm.

Ceiling Panels: 600x600mm / 900x600mm / 1.200x600mm and 318×2.770mm.


Brown or black MDF wood fibreboard, with surface finish in melamine or natural wood veneer.

Product applications


Tongue and groove assembly system. Interlocking panels offer a continuous finish with no perceptible joints in the longitudinal direction.


Mounting system with standard metal profiles for false ceilings. Accessible panels, installed with exposed or concealed profiles.

Foto022-Metrowall Deco Paredes

Metrowall Decor

TOUCH models​

The TOUCH models are smooth panels that provide a decorative and resistant finish, paying special attention to the surface texture of the materials, adding the tactile experience to the visual experience.


Wall Panels: 640×2.770mm / 600×3.000mm.


Brown MDF wood fibreboard, with surface finish in Melamine or natural wood veneer. Melamines are offered in various deep textures.

Veneers are offered in brossé texture, highlighting the natural texture of each type of wood.

Product applications


Tongue and groove assembly system.

Fitted panels offering a continuous finish with barely perceptible or expressly highlighted joints.

Ask us about the possibility of customising the products.