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Sound absorbing wood panels for auditoriums

There are only a few things in life more beautiful than a music concert.

The notes sneak inside us through our ears and transport us to a magical world that only we can feel. It provides us great well-being, we flow and connect in some way with the universe.

It doesn’t matter if it’s classical, rock or even electronic music. There are emotions that we only experience through the music.

But what should be a wonderful and unforgettable experience can much less sensory if the sound quality is poor.

Poor acoustic quality may occur for technical reasons or because the place where the activity is being carried out is not the most suitable one. Depending on where we listen the concert, the experience can be very different.


How to transform the acoustics of an auditorium to obtain the best sound

Auditoriums are built to satisfy the communication and artistic expression needs of human being. That’s why their acoustic remodelling is so important.

The absorption, reflection and diffusion of sound are key factors to manage to create an appropriate atmosphere for the activity of an auditorium, since the experience of the attendees will depend on the uniform distribution of sound energy.

Acoustic quality is a key factor considering the characteristics of this kind of venues:

  1. An auditorium is a closed construction, therefore, reverberation exists. A sound phenomenon that is reflected from a surface, causing it to remain slightly longer even though it has stopped being emitted.
  2. Within an auditorium, we must know how to manage the level of unwanted noise, which can come from external or internal sources, since a high level of noise makes it difficult the perceive the desired sound and reduces acoustic quality.
  3. The intelligibility that allows us to understand the words spoken by a speaker or a singer must also be considered. This will depend on how the noise level, reverberation time and sound distribution are managed.


Elements that make up the acoustic chain in an auditorium

For the acoustic conditioning project of an auditorium to be successful, it is necessary to consider all the elements that make up the acoustic chain, meeting different requirements: aesthetic, functional, technical and economic.

In this type of projects, the architectural decisions affect the auditory conditions of the venue, fundamentally due its shape, its dimensions, volume, layout and the treatment of the different surfaces.

It is precisely here where Metrowall has the experience and provides a comprehensive solution for the acoustic remodelling of auditoriums.


Challenges of two projects of acoustic conditioning in auditorium

Today we are going to tell you behind the scenes of two auditorium projects in two different countries, where our resonator-type absorbent acoustic coverings made of wood were prescribed to reduce reverberation, eliminate unwanted echoes and improve sound clarity in order to provide an optimal environment for different events:

Amphitheater El Bilia Leon de l’Africain, Casablanca, Morocco.

• Civic and Cultural Center “El Rieral”, Bigues i Riells, Barcelona, Spain.

In both projects we had the same challenge: to ensure the best sound level throughout the auditorium sector, particularly in the furthest seats from the stage, through the correct arrangement and treatment of the different surfaces.

At the same time, we had to manage the sound characteristics of each auditorium since they are the parameters that describe the behaviour of sound in the venue.

We talk about managing the noise level, intelligibility, and of course, the reverberation time, which is the time it takes for the sound level to decrease after the sound source stops.

It’s understood that a short reverberation time favours the intelligibility of the words, while a long one favours the musicality of the notes.


Case one: Acoustic conditioning for The Bilia Leon l’Africain Amphitheatre

The project for this amphitheatre was developed in 2017 in the magical and exotic city of Casablanca, Morocco.

700 square meters of an acoustic experience.

The material used was Metrowall Acoustic Lines 10 in its application for walls.

Functional and aesthetic objectives of the amphitheatre in Morocco

It was very important that the acoustic absorbing material reduce noise and reverberation in the, in addition to reinforcing the insulation between rooms.

Considering the impact extern sound on the room itself, since being an educational centre, the circulation of people occurs in several areas, some of them close or adjacent to the amphitheatre itself.

The sound source should be close and profusely surrounded by reflective surfaces so that it can provide additional sound energy to the entire audience, especially the most remote seats.

Sound-absorbing coverings to reduce noise and reverberation in auditoriums

The venue, once finished, had to be free of acoustic defects such as echoes, late reflections, sound concentrations, acoustic shadows or resonances, among others.

The installation of a suspended ceiling was essential to locate the electrical installations, lightning and ventilation and climate systems which serve the room.

Metrowall solution for the Bilia Leon l’Africain Amphitheatre

The intervention in the amphitheatre room of the El Bilia Leon l’Africain School is the case of a demanding and ambitious project.

An amphitheatre located in Casablanca, in a secondary school, which requires acoustic conditioning and decorative finishing for all the walls that surround it.

The prescribed product for this project was Metrowall Acoustic Lines’10 in large format slats, installed horizontally and in red colour to match the carpet, which allowed us to meet the acoustic requirements of the project to achieve comfortable spaces, especially in this kind of buildings, which are for shared used.

This is a clear example of  the application of Metrowall  wood-absorbing acoustic coverings in is venues dedicated to music, performing arts, conferences or global classes, where controlling sound reverberation is a primary factor to guarantee a comfortable space and listen to the sound coming from de scenery without interference.

Application of sound absorbing coatings to Metrowall wood to control sound reverberation

It must be considered that the acoustics are the result of all the elements that make up the room, so in addition to the installation of the Metrowall acoustic absorbent coverings, the conditioning and geometry of the ceiling, as well as the presence of textile seats, played an important role in the overall result.



Case two: Acoustic conditioning for the Civic and Cultural Centre in Bigues i Riells, Barcelona.

The Civic and Cultural Centre “El Rieral” is located in the town of Bigues i Riells, about 40 kilometres from the city of Barcelona, in Spain. Although smaller than the Bilia Leon l’Africain Amphitheatre in Casablanca, the acoustic needs were the same.

Functional and aesthetic objectives of the project

Once again, the importance of reducing noise and reverberation as much as possible, in addition to reinforcing the isolation between the rooms was the key.

We obtained comfort spaces by solving the acoustic demands, which was a challenge taking into account the size of the space.

For sound energy to be optimally transmitted to the entire audience, the sound source had to be close and surrounded by reflective surfaces.

The space had to be free of the same acoustic defects that we have mentioned before such echoes, acoustic shadows, late reflections, resonances or sound concentrations.

In this case, we again installed a suspended ceiling to locate the different electrical, lightning, air conditioning and climate systems.

Metrowall Solution for the Civic and  Cultural Centre in Bigues i Riells

The Multipurpose Auditorium Theatre integrated to the civic centre is a venue for citizens with a seated capacity of 400 people, versatile and with a wide range of possibilities thanks to great acoustic conditioning.

Installation of Metrowall acoustic-absorbing wooden coverings in the Civic Center of Bigues i Riells, Barcelona

It can host artistic performances, concerts, stage plays, conferences, dance, rehearsals, municipal plenary sessions and even cinema.

We intervened in 2018 with Metrowall’s absorbent wooden acoustic coverings for walls and ceilings, offering the design and manufacturing of custom-made acoustic and decorative panels with the greatest guarantees of performance, to optimize and guarantee a high-quality listening experience for the public.

Another key aspect was providing speech intelligibility and reducing reverberation, ensuring communication is clear and effective.

The project itself included retractable stands that make the Multipurpose Auditorium Theatre a welcoming and versatile venue.


Why chose Metrowall for auditorium and cultural venue projects

Metrowall allows the choice of appropriate finishes and contributes to providing the treated space with the correct sound characteristics, providing all the qualities of its finishes: absorption coefficients, size, joints, colours and textures, without forgetting its fireproof qualities.

Acoustic conditioning of auditoriums and cultural spaces


At a project level

To incorporate the appropriate solutions for each venue, Metrowall recognizes the project from the plans, taking into account the unique characteristics that can be resolved.

At a technical level

We connect directly with construction logistics, providing technical responses to the industrialists and professionals responsible for the project (interior designers, decorators, architects and others).

We also respond to queries that arise, even the technical drafter of the project.

For Metrowall it is essential to guarantee the quality of the product and that it doesn’t have to be touched up on site, since there the conditions are always more adverse and the tools less specific.

That’s why Metrowall offers custom machining of parts, to promote minimal on-site manipulation. This saves a lot of installation time, and therefore, there is also a reduction in economic costs.

The potential of Metrowall is in that with a specific product offering, very results can be achieved in the final finish of the facilities, combining design, models and several ways of placing the panels.

We propose integrating lighting into the panels, both on walls and ceilings. If a joint covering and lighting solution is planned from the beginning very good results can be achieved, optimizing efforts and ensuring acoustic and lighting comfort at the same time.

Conclusions of the intervention in auditorium acoustic conditioning projects

The installation of Metrowall absorbent acoustic coverings in the Bilia Leon l’Africain School in Casablanca, Morocco, and in the Multipurpose Auditorium Theatre of the “El Rieral” Civic and Cultural Centre in Bigues i Riells, Barcelona, are a clear example of how to successfully intervene in auditoriums to provide the best acoustic experience to the user.

The design and manufacturing of custom-made Metrowall absorbent acoustic panels allows us to achieve a balance between the absorption, reflection and diffusion of sound to create an appropriate environment.

The acoustic success of Metrowall resonator panels lies in the composition of the resonator assembly, not in the individual elements.

In the case of Metrowall, we offer melamine and wood coverings that act as resonators and offer high acoustic efficiency, as well as a very interesting decorative feature.

At Metrowall with our high quality products we offer multiple solutions to architects, interior designers, industrialists and installers in all phases of the project.

We also care the process itself, since we conceive it as a whole. Therefore, we offer complete support and advice whether technical or decorative.

Do you want to get the best acoustic experience for your auditorium project?

Contact us!

We will be happy to offer you the best solution.

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