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Lycée Vallon

Product: Metrowall Acoustic Lines’15 – Application Walls and Ceilings
Year: 2013
Location: Toulouse, France
Surface: 1.100m2
Typology: Educational spaces and Auditoriums

This project for the Lycée Vallon in Toulouse, France, is a clear example of how our acoustic wood cladding can be applied in educational spaces, schools and universities.

For the Lycée Vallon, our Metrowall Acoustic Lines 15 wood panels were prescribed and installed in different areas of the school.

One of the challenges was to achieve a comfortable space in a large multi-purpose hall with a glazed side façade and a considerable height, where the surrounding materials had a low absorption of ambient noise. To achieve this, Metrowall Acoustic Lines 15 was installed in a ceiling of about 500 m2 with invisible joints to give continuity to the space. Lighting and climatisation were integrated.

Similarly, Metrowall Acoustic Lines 15 was used for the cladding of both the walls and the ceiling of the auditorium with a surface area of approximately 600 m2, achieving a magnificent decorative appearance as well as a pleasant acoustic comfort.