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“Molí de l’Abad” Restaurant

Product: Metrowall Acoustic Lines’10 – Application Walls
Year: 2016
Location: Castellón, Spain
Surface: 250m2
Typology: Catering and hospitality spaces

In this project for the “Molí de l’Abad” restaurant in Castellon, the walls of this large dining room have been covered with Metrowall Lines 10 with the aim of achieving a comfortable environment from the point of view of ambient noise, so that even if there are many people in the room talking at the same time, the ambient noise is very muffled and you can talk comfortably without having to raise your voice to be understood by the other diners sharing the same table.

In this project, the Metrowall Lines 10 product was used to achieve this acoustic comfort in the room, but also from a strictly decorative point of view, the product was installed by combining the horizontal grooving with sections of the same length installed with a vertical orientation of the grooving, achieving an original appearance as shown in the photo of the project.