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Restaurant – Wine bar “Moments”

Product: Metrowall Acoustic Lines’10 – Application Walls
Year: 2017
Location: St. Boi de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain
Surface: 250m2
Typology: Catering and hospitality spaces

The aim of the “Moments” wine bar restaurant project is to design a comfortable and welcoming space. The client chose to use soft tones and combine white and light-coloured wood.

For the acoustic conditioning of the restaurant, our acoustic wood cladding Metrowall Acoustic Lines’10 is prescribed, a product that guarantees the reduction of noise and reverberation. The cladding is installed on the entire side of the tables, so that diners can easily converse without having to make the effort of raising their voices to communicate.

In addition to a technical solution, the cladding provides an original, timeless and resistant decoration.