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Vinoteca Moments Restaurant

Acoustic conditioning for the Hospitality and Restoration sector.

As part of our portfolio of projects in the Restaurant and Hospitality Sector, today want to tell you about how we provide acoustic conditioning solutions, with elegance and sobriety, to a space where gastronomy is paired with a surprising wine proposal.

A sensory experience in an environment of acoustic comfort

This is the Moments wine bar, a restaurant that was opened in 2017 Sant Boi de Llobregat, a town very near of Barcelona with a bold and creative concept.

Our customers wanted a pleasant environment with a minimalist decoration in light tones to create a feeling of relaxation and light, thus standing out from the gloomy atmosphere that usually characterizes many wine bars.

On the other hand, another of the approaches of the project was to reduce the noise that is produced when having a place full of diners. A challenge where our experience in wood-based solutions was put to the test combining decoration with high sound-absorbing technical features.

How did we develope the project for Moments wine bar and restaurant? We let you know.

Starting Point

We listen our customers’ needs and wishes.

As is to be expected in a space dedicated to gastronomy, restaurants or hotels in general, an attractive design is sought that users like and that has a high level of comfort, as well as functionality.

It would not make any sense to design a place in which the symbiosis between aesthetics and functionality are perfect but where comfort has not been worked and thought about.

Taking all these aspects into account, Metrowall‘s contribution to the project revolved around providing the best solution for sound absorption and sound insulation.

Metrowall Acoustic Lines 10

In  order to design a comfortable and welcoming space in the line with our customers wishes, we chose to use soft tones and combine White and light wood, thus fulfilling the aesthetic and decorative purpose of the project.

For acoustic conditioning, our acoustic Metrowall Acoustic Lines 10 is prescribed a product guarantees the reduction of noise and reverberation.

Installation of Metrowall Acoustic Lines 10 panels

Once the stages of design, planning, and manufacturing of custom-made wood panels have been completed, we begin the assembly stage of Metrowall cladding, which is characterized by its easy, fast and clean installation.

The cladding is installed on the entire vertical wall in front of which the tables are aligned, so that diners can converse without having to make the effort to raise their voices to communicate, or suffer the interruption caused by conversations at neighboring tables.

This acoustic covering in wood provides, in addition to a technical solution, an original, timeless and resistant decoration.

Wall mounting steps for Moments wine bar

1. A substructure is made of standard wooden battens anchored to the wall.

2. The battens allow correcting the flatness defects of the surface and ensuring the good result of the installation.

3. Between the panels and the wall, the rock wool is placed, a material that will guarantee the correct sound absorption of our coating.

4. The panels are fixed to the battens with flat-head screws and are fitted together in a tongue-and-groove manner, so that the whole assembly is well-adjusted and solid.

5. Finally, to give a harmonious visual finish to the coating, a led lighting strip is incorporated on the last panel.

Interior design project for the Vinoteca Moments Restaurant. Corollary

1. For a space like the Moments Restaurant and wine bar, where customers will enjoy gastronomy and wine pairing, it is necessary to find a functional and aesthetic design solution that fosters an appropriate environment for a sensory experience.

2. This solution must harmonize comfort, beauty and sound insulation. Not only for the fact of making the stay more pleasant for diners, but also to comply with urban and civic regulations, so as not to cause inconvenience to the neighbors.

3. Taking all these aspects into account, the Metrowall Acoustic Lines 10 wood acoustic panels, when applied to walls, have been the best option to successfully address the objectives of this project.

The result has been a place without interior noise, which also don’t cause noise inconveniences to the neighbors.


At Metrowall, we offer you personalized advice and support throughout the design and installation process of our exclusive solutions and products. We encourage you to create spaces of quality, elegance and comfort with the best guarantees.

Are you thinking of opening a gastronomy venue and want to create an environment of acoustic comfort that become a design benchmark?

Let’s talk! We have the best proposals for your project.

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