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Waterland Offices in Barcelona

How to achieve acoustic comfort, the ideal aesthetic and decorative balance.

With the aim of achieving good acoustic comfort, both at the level of reverberation and insulation between adjoining rooms, for this office project in Barcelona we propose covering the available walls with our Metrowall Acoustic Lines 10 wood panels. Learn more about the project.

Waterland Offices in Barcelona: acoustics and comfort in a private environment 

Waterland is an independent private equity investment group with offices in many cities around the world. Barcelona, Copenhague, Múnich, Londres, París and Zúrich are among them. 

Their mission is to help the companies achieve their growth in a strategically and operative. Therefore they play a key role in their customer’s development.

The work they carry out makes necessary creating a climate of total trust with their customers in which the most important characteristic is the confidentiality. So in their meetings they need calm and privacy. 

In the specific case of Barcelona, Waterland was looking for a solution to create the best climate when they have to assist their customers, either if it’s in person or by video call. 

The building where they are located is on Avenida Diagonal. A very central place with a large influx of traffic, which makes it a noisy area. A challenge where our experience as specialists in noise-free spaces was put to the test.

Do you want to know what our solution was for Waterland? Keep reading and you’ll know it!

At Metrowall we have been specialists in creating noise-free spaces for more than 15 years and we put ourselves in the architects, indoor designers and decorators’ shoes so that they can offer the best solutions to their customers based in their needs. We work on the technical and functional part without forgetting the aesthetic and decorative part.

Do you want to achieve the acoustic and decorative quality of the Waterland offices in Barcelona in your interior design project? Let’s talk!

Customer’s needs and wishes

Waterland has several meeting rooms to work with their clients in person when they visit the offices or through video calls. Due to the type of information they handle, it’s essential that the customer feels completely comfortable and confident. So there are two essential points:

  1. Conditioning the interior of the rooms to be able to work easily, communicate without echoes or reverberation and get a quiet environment. 


2. Isolate the rooms so that noise doesn’t leak inside making it difficult to communication, such as to prevent sound from spreading to the outside, violating the confidentiality of the conversations that take place there. 

Although the technical, structural and functional part is of vital importance, the didn’t want to forget the aesthetic and decorative part, because they want to offer a cozy and convey a professional image. And we had the perfect solution to their wishes and needs.

Acoustic and decorative solution provided by Metrowall for the Waterland offices

The project for the offices of Waterland is developed in a historic building from the centre of Barcelona. The spaces are wide with high ceilings and large windows. 

The architects propose an intervention that puts in value and respects the elements while adapting the space to make it a good working environment. Bearing in mind this and also in alignment with two of the most important values highlights of the brand, such as a confidentiality and trust, our recommendation was the following: 

In order to achieve good acoustic comfort both in terms of reverberation and insulation between adjoining rooms, we propose covering the available walls with our  Metrowall Acoustic Lines 10 panels. We rule out intervening in the ceiling, as it has mouldings and elements that want to be preserved. 

Our panels, Metrowall Acoustic Lines 10 are acoustic absorbent panels, grooved on the exposed side and the hidden side  of the panel, turning them into a porous surface through which sound can pass and be trapped by the mineral wool, placed between the panels and the wall. 

The panels are made with a mass black MDF support so that the acoustic perforations become imperceptibles once the material is settled in. In this case they are finished in natural oak veneer, which was stained to match the tone of the furniture that had been designed for the space. 

In this Project the stats are installed vertically, fitted together by their tongue-and-groove perimeters, achieving a continuous cladding result. The height of the slats was adapted and manufactured to measure, according to the requirements of each room where they were to be installed, to avoid having to carry out manipulations on site. 

Metrowall wood acoustic panels offer several benefits and advantages, including:

1. Noise reduction:

Reverberation is a sound phenomenon produced by reflection, which consist of a slight permanence of sound once the original source has stopped transmitting it.

Metrowall wood panels are designed to absorb sound and reduce the noise in a space. This is especially important in places where a quiet and noise-free environment are required, as is the case with our customer, Waterland.

2. Aesthetics:

Metrowall wood acoustic panels can be an attractive addition to decorating a space. They are available in a wide variety of finishes and designs, making them a versatile option for any interior design style.

3. Durability:

They are made of high-quality materials and are resistant to wear and damage. This makes them ideal for spaces with high traffic and constant use.

4. Sustainability:

They are a sustainable and ecological option, since the panels are made of renewable and recyclable materials.

5. Customization:

Metrowall offers the possibility of manufacturing the panels to measure, adapted to the required by the project, avoiding as much as possible that they have to be manipulated on site and thus ensuring a perfect final result.

Final result of the interior design project for the Waterland Offices in Barcelona

The improvement of comfort through the use of the most appropriate materials was undoubtedly one of Metrowall’s best contributions to this project. As can be seen in the final result, the Metrowall wood acoustic panels were an attractive and functional solution for effective noise reduction in these spaces.

Are you a professional in the building sector and are you carrying out a project where acoustic isolation is of great relevance? 

If so, and you also want your project to be as satisfactory as the Waterland offices one contact us. We help you create quality and comfort spaces with the best guarantees. Let´s talk!

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